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» MBTI most accurate descriptions


ESTP: super attractive physically but it’s all downhill from there. never quite know what they’re going to do next but you can probably bet it will be irresponsible. somehow still lovable.

ESTJ: loud, logical, and get shit done — they are the warrior class of the life rpg….

williedevine84: Guess who went on the Harry Potter studio tour today…?!

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free her

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if u don’t swim, you’ll drown , ya no shit ya fools

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Title: UnknownInto The Ocean
Artist: UnknownBlue October
Album: UnknownFoiled
Played: 23,487


"I want to swim away, but don’t know how… Sometimes it feels just like I’m falling in the ocean…"

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Bern, Switzerland - 04/07

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That one friend that be goin too far listening to music



I couldn’t decide which one to post so I posted both….ur welcome

can this please be my 1k selfie


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